The process by which the developed world currently obtains the vast majority of its products is grossly unsustainable. We all know this. 

Still, if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that you will accomplish very little when you make someone else feel bad about their lifestyle, diet, habits – their personal choices.


We’ve done a lot to royally fuck up our environment. We’ve eradicated one too many species. We’ve decimated critical habitat. We’ve obliterated our apex predators. We’ve caused irreparable damage to our ecosystems. We have every right to be angry.

I have deep respect and admiration for anyone who acknowledges the severity of these issues and continues to learn and make lifestyle changes accordingly.

~Not giving a shit doesn’t make you ~cool~ or ~trendy~

Still, I find myself disappointed by what I see and hear from others in this little niche we’ve created. The new wave of animal-rights-vegan-sustainable Tumblr activism is exactly what many of us fought against for years. It’s extreme, it’s judgmental, it’s arrogant.

I do get it. I understand the frustration in willful ignorance, hypocrisy and complacency – but placing blame is counterproductive. Policing others is often hypocritical. The decision to stop consuming certain products or to change your lifestyle in any capacity is deeply personal, and no one should be berated or belittled in the process. We’re all learning.

I’m not suggesting that we ignore those who acknowledge the devastating impact their lifestyle has on this planet… just that we take the time to approach these situations without so much hostility….







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