Corrine Henn is a fiercely passionate conservationist, environmentalist and animal welfare advocate. Her scholarly activism began when she transferred from a private university in New Jersey, where she spent time honing her talent in photography, to study at Delaware Valley College, an agriculture school, where she received a degree in Conservation and Wildlife Management. With an interest in animal behavior, she sought to research wildlife captivity and the resulting physiological changes.

This pursuit led to fieldwork in wildlife conservation and education at W.O.L.F outside of Fort Collins, Colorado where she not only bridged the gap between wolf and human, but began her journey as a loyal vegetarian and amplified her interest in animal welfare.

As her passion and experience flourished, so did her enthusiasm for advocacy and the written word. Through her writing, photography, and art, she has encouraged others to actively participate in the grassroots movement intended to better the welfare of animals, both captive and wild, and the future of our planet.



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